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Museums and art galleries

Museo Etnográfico (Ethnographic Museum) (Carrer de Sa Mar, 13)

this museum, that works as cultural center, hosts a collection of tools and decorated rooms, showing how locals used to live in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Through its installations, we can figure out how life was for peasants and also for landlords. It also works as an arts gallery hosting, for example, the flower exhibition in Sa Fira festivities.

Jardín botánico (Botanical Gardens) (Road from the Port to Sóller)

Planned in 1985 and opened in 1992, the Botanical Gardens exhibits endemic species from the island, as well as trees and bushes brought from all over the Mediterranean shores. It holds cultural activities all year long, all related to environment and flora.

Museu modernista Can Prunera (Can Prunera Modernist Museum) (Carrer de Sa Lluna 86/90)

located in a modernist mansion, this museum exhibits from furniture and decoration belonging to the 20th Century, to pieces that belong to private collections, including local artists’ works. It actually is one of the great modernist museums of the island for its collection as well as for the marvellous environment where it is set.

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