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En el Valle de Sóller la oferta es muy amplia. Museos, monumentos sacros, calles intrincadas flanqueadas por edificios imponentes, casas de indiano, comercios tradicionales, campos de cultivo... En la oficina de turismo les indicarán varias rutas para recorrer el pueblo, dependiendo de cuál sea su interés.

Find a miscellaneous and large cultural offer

Museums, sacred monuments, narrow streets flanked by impressing buildings, indiano houses, traditional shops, wide fields... In the Tourist Information Office you will be given several routes to walk along the village, depending on your particular interest.

Traditional market

The traditional market takes place on saturday morning in Sóller. We recommend you to go by tram because, besides of enjoying the trip, you will live the tradition from the first moment. Near the tram stop, you will be able to taste Sóller-made ice cream, a pleasuer we recommend you personally.

Wide offer on Soller restaurants

The wide offer on Soller restaurants will allow you to discover from the most traditional cooking to the avant-garde and innovative cuisine. Having a coffee with ensaimada in any of the terraces in the main square, discovering the tiny shops of the Luna street, or getting lost in the suburbs, where the village entangles with the meadows, will be unforgettable experiences.

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