Sierra de Tramuntana

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Tramontana area and its treasures

The Sierra de la Tramuntana (Tramuntana) is the name given to the mountain range in which nestled the village of Soller and its Port. Declared a World Heritage Site in 2011, the true backbone of Mallorcan life contains natural, human-friendly environment, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole archipelago.

Its forests are interspersed pine, oak (endemic and recovery) and the wild olive, and their summits we find the two reservoirs of the island, Cuber and Gorg Blau. By using them you can walk many greenways recovered, and can also be enjoyed by car on a trip that will be hard to forget.

At the heart of their summits will find the spiritual heart of Mallorca: Lluc Monastery. A mystical phenomenon that dates back to the thirteenth century (although it was considered a sacred place in the time of the Roman occupation) results in the construction of this beautiful monastery, which is held every year a pilgrimage of thousands of people across the island.

The monastery can be visited inside admiring the statue of the Virgin of Lluc, church and museum, containing everything from prehistoric remains found around up objects from the history of Mallorca, to an interesting collection of ethnographic tools or costumes. It is a unique experience walking through its cloisters ... or even sleep in their offices, because you can spend the night among its ancient walls and breathe the true peace of the place at rest and contemplation.


Deià es a secluded village in the Tramuntana hiding in his modesty, an important natural and historical heritage. It could be described as a living postcard: the hill, by the sea, with its proud church and its traditional buildings, which descends in terraces and ditches that are traced back to the Arabs, to the valley that surrounds it, dotted with orchards and small buildings.

We must mention that in 1867 the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria Mallorca fell in love with so many possessions bought across the Sierra de Tramuntana and in one of them, "S'Estaca" between Valldemossa and Deia, is the Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones and Diandra share.

This beautiful village can be reached on foot (walking a path that begins very close to our hotel), by car or bus.


Valldemossa is a real jewel set in the Tramontana. His quietness and beauty, perched on the slopes of the Sierra, not hint at the important and rich history behind the stones. The main attraction of this town is its Cartuja. Monastery, museum, royal residence and accommodation of remarkable remains invariably be visited and beautiful in all seasons. Famous is the room that the composer Frederic Chopin and writer George Sand shared in 1838.

The grounds of the monastery are open for free visit, and on the walls of the surrounding buildings can be found printed on tile, the holy life of Saint Catherine Thomas valldemosí.

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