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Citric Hotels  is offering to our guests an App for mobile devices, to inform first-hand about the ...

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Guide 5 places to relax in Soller, Mallorca


When you're looking for is avoidance, relaxation and nature this is your area, nothing better than a ...

What an amazing place


If you've reached this article is because you love nature, the islands, the sea, the mountains, the Mediterranean ...

Working on the new official website


After five years since the creation of the brand and the official website of Citric Hotels, it's time ...


Seven wonders near Soller


To visit Soller and Port de Soller, must take into account that one day is not enough because from this ...

Citrus in the Mediterranean Kitchen


Citrus in the Mediterranean Kitchen. Orange marmalade preparing workshop Saturday 8th March from 10:00 ...

Hiking in Soller free excursion March in Majorca


All guest staying at Citric Hotel Soller have at their dispousal the following guided excursions some ...

5 Preferred locations overlooking the sea in Soller


One of the greatest privileges for all those who live or visit the island of Mallorca is the possibility ...

Torrent Pareis Mallorca

Canyoning Meeting Mallorca Rik Balearik


WELCOME TO THE RIC-BALEARIK 2014 International Canyoning Meeting The 2014 RIC will be held in Majorca, ...

Our method for assigning rooms


Due to the large amount of reservations we have , sets the room number the day before the check-in, so ...

Hiking days in Soller on March 2013


We are back in the month of March 2013 with new hiking excursions by the most beautiful mountains of ...

Five bridges to Soller by train


On Saturday October 15 Andres Nieto and I were in my town, Soller, doing a tour. The purpose of this ...

Hiking trips calendar February


We started the season with the first excursions hiking trips calendar with Barbara , the guide hired ...

The beauty nature at Soller Port


What else we can writte, nothing will be nicer than to stay, live and whatch the beauty nature of Port ...

The expert travel agent article about Port Soller


Puerto de Sóller - Mallorca Anyone who has been here will remember this picturesque bay in the center ...

Holidays, contact, opening time, improvements all at Citric Hotel Soller, Majorca


Happy to serve you, if you want to contact us should do it via email and not via telephone, because right ...

Nature interpretive center for citrus will be opened in Soller


In Citric Hotels we always thought that surround environment and nature is most precious to any person ...

Many paths in Majorca


This mountain range surrounding Citric hotel Soller, crossed by many paths that pass through thick forests ...

Cooperativa and typicall products from Soller


The Bartomeu Cooperativa Agricola de Soller, was founded on 22 April 1899, has evolved according to the ...

citric rooms

New room style


In February of 2012 we have just redecorate all hotel rooms now have new heads, switches and lightsthat ...

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